Kiki Strickland

About our Owner

Girlfriends Travel is a boutique travel company which specializes in female small group travel (no more than 10-15 travelers per group).  The founder, Kiki Strickland, is an experienced international traveler who was once a flight attendant and has been a business owner since 2006. She is a travel professional who is knowledgeable, capable and passionate about travel and showing others the World.  She majored in Communications at Howard University.  Venice, Paris and Martha's Vineyard are her favorite destinations.

Welcome to Girlfriends Travel!

Women love to travel.

And most of the time, we do not want to do it alone.

Here is where you can go where you want to go and KNOW other women there.  

This is like another form of SOLO TRAVEL.  You are not required to participate in any group activities.  However, if you vibe with someone else in the group, GREAT!  Hang out with her.  If not, do you own thing.  Nothing is required of you.  Air and lodging are usually included but no plotted out daily itinerary has to be followed!

Looking forward to traveling with you!

Happy Travels!

Girlfriends Travel



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